On Saturday, January 19th, approximately fifty 4th and 5th graders participated in the annual Spelling Bee competition held at Verona High School. The Junior Woman’s Club of Verona would like to thank all the children who participated and congratulate our winners. Congratulations to Veronica Domyslawski, 3rd place (OLL), Max Handler, 2nd place (HBW) and Jessica Sidrak, 1st place (HBW)!
Jessica Sidrak spelling her first word in the competition.
From left to right-Veronica Domyslawski, 3rd place (OLL), Max Handler, 2nd place (HBW) and Jessica Sidrak (HBW)


09/06/2013 9:17am

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09/15/2014 4:06pm

The "Reading the Mind in the Eyes" (RMET) task uses still shots from movies. As such, there are no "correct" answers.

09/19/2014 12:58am

I'm concerned because I scored only 20!

09/20/2014 9:16pm

Congrats for you

09/27/2014 3:45am

Had they shown the mouths, I think most people would have easily gotten in the high 20s.

10/09/2014 2:46am

Also, some of the adjectives to choose from in this 'test' seemed to be purposefully similar so as to really allow for two correct responses.

11/13/2014 11:47am

I agree with many of the replies: photos dark, grainy and the women wore make-up, which is DESIGNED to make men think women are coming on to them! I doubt the male researchers even thought of this. Make up is MEANT to deceive.

11/17/2014 3:57am

However, the men's ages varied. Are older women that irrelevant to make them invisible?

09/19/2013 6:04pm

Guess all the participants of 4th and 5th graders that has been taken part in the annual Spelling Bee competition held at Verona High School deserves to be winners! Thank you a lot for letting our children feel champions.

04/24/2014 4:52am

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04/30/2014 10:00am

Congratulations to all the winners especially to the one who made it to the top and the rest of the team. Cheers!

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09/20/2014 9:17pm

Congratulations :)

09/23/2014 3:31pm

Thanks for having this awesome post with us here. I would like to congrats to all the winners. Congratulations to Veronica Domyslawski, 3rd place (OLL), Max Handler, 2nd place (HBW) and Jessica Sidrak, 1st place. you girls need to work hard and get the best education for your bright future. So that you will deliver the best to the nation.

09/29/2014 4:52am

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I would like to congratulate to all winners.

10/10/2014 6:18am

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10/25/2014 12:52am

we ought to have posted the names of all victors rather than only those for which pictures were accessible. Our statements of regret for not making the nitty gritty results accessible.

01/01/2015 10:27am

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